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Rusty Norman

Amateur writer, NASCAR Fan, musician and former local Stock Car racer.


NASCAR Chase Race 7 at Martinsville

By Rusty Norman / October 25, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Martinsville… Challenging is probably an understatement, especially since it is only a half mile track, narrow and basically flat. Sure… the speeds won’t be over 200 miles per hour but the emotions will run about that high, in particular if the top eight still in the Chase need to move forward or get […]


It’s All About Racing Luck – A NASCAR Fan’s View

By Rusty Norman / October 22, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Well, when it comes right down to it, this fan thinks that some people have missed the point so far this season and in this Chase. When it comes to the Penske teams compared to the other teams that are in the Chase, it appears that their luck has been just a bit […]


It’s NASCAR Chase Race #6 at Talladega – A NASCAR Fan’s View

By Rusty Norman / October 18, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Ok… picture this… just a nice, relaxing and pleasant drive on a Sunday afternoon in the fall in Alabama. Ok… now picture this… all of the above at around 200 mph. That’s what Chase Race #6 will be like Sunday afternoon, right… ??? NOT!!! Well, at least for all but two of the […]


The Chasers Face An Intense Night Race At Charlotte

By Rusty Norman / October 11, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** If anyone thought last week’s race at Kansas Speedway was intense and filled with a lot of drama well – (to coin an old phrase) – “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Tonight at Charlotte Motor Speedway will, in this fan’s opinion, be twice as intense and there will be no shortage of drama. […]


It’s About Intensity At Kansas and Chase Race #4

By Rusty Norman / October 4, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** No matter how hard you try, you will be hard pressed to find someone that just wants to run around in circles on this Sunday afternoon at Kansas Speedway. No matter what they say, they want to win. It will certainly be a lot more possible for some than for others but winning […]


Teams Feel the Pressure To Tame The Monster For Chase Race #3

By Rusty Norman / September 27, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** You’ve heard about the “need for speed”… well… this weekend is about the “need to tame”… the Monster. Of course you know I’m talking about the Monster Mile at Dover, Delaware and there are a minimum of four teams that need to tame it over the other twelve in this, the last race […]


Looking For Magic at the Magic Mile In Chase Race #2

By Rusty Norman / September 20, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Many drivers will be looking for magic at the Magic Mile at Loudon. Brad Keselowski is still enjoying his momentum from the last two races and walked away with a new track record and the pole for the Sylvania 300 on Sunday afternoon. Much of the talk centers around how unbeatable he appears […]


The Chase Begins At Chicago… from a NASCAR Fan’s View

By Rusty Norman / September 13, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** And so the Chase begins… except it’s different this year. Now it is the Elimination Chase. For those that aren’t quite up to speed on the new Chase format yet, four cars are eliminated every three races, leaving four cars to compete, head-to-head, at the final race at Homestead. So, it’s not really […]


It’s One and Done At Richmond – a NASCAR Fan’s View

By Rusty Norman / September 6, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Two things are certain for tonight’s race at Richmond. There won’t be anybody holding back that has a chance to make it into the Chase with a win and there won’t be anyone that’s already in holding back either – they’ve got nothing to lose. Those that are already in by wins will […]


It’s Atlanta And Two To Go To Make the Chase

By Rusty Norman / August 31, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Anyone that doesn’t have enough points but wants to make it into the Chase only has two chances left. Atlanta and Richmond are the only two places left for non winners to take a win and make it into the Chase. Of course, there are still four spots left but two of them […]


It’s Crunch Time For Some Under The Lights At Bristol

By Rusty Norman / August 23, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Like it or not, there are four spots left to be filled for The Chase and only three weeks of racing left before The Chase actually starts. It is possible that any one of those places, or all four of those places, could be filled by non-winners. It is also possible that all […]


It’s About Pure Speed for the Pure Michigan 400

By Rusty Norman / August 16, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** If you listened to the Ford drivers coming into this weekend you would’ve heard some of them say that they had found speed – and not just a little bit of it. True to their word, they came into this weekend showing a bit more speed than they did the last visit to […]

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