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Rusty Norman

Amateur writer, NASCAR Fan, musician and former local Stock Car racer.

The Brickyard – 2014 from a NASCAR Fans View

By Rusty Norman / July 27, 2014

***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************   The Brickyard… There’s no place like it and even the NASCAR Cup drivers speak almost as highly of it is they do of Daytona. Of course these days it’s not what it used to be because it’s not bricks all the way around anymore. But there is still that yard of bricks […]

The Calm Before the Storm

By Rusty Norman / July 19, 2014

***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************     Go ahead, take that deep breath… A weekend off… Well, at least for the NASCAR Cup Teams. Even though they aren’t running this weekend, this fan is sure they are working feverishly preparing for next weekend when they’ll take on the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It could be, with only […]

Cup Teams Looking for Magic at the Magic Mile

By Rusty Norman / July 12, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Considering where we are in the season and the race for the Chase, several cup teams are looking for Magic at the Magic mile this weekend. I think it goes without saying, the ones really looking for Magic are the ones that are in the top 16 in points and they don’t have […]

Daytona, Restrictor Plates and Pack Racing from a NASCAR Fan’s View

By Rusty Norman / July 5, 2014

***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************   It’s different in Daytona during the summer… It’s hot and humid and, when the NASCAR teams show up, it’s loud and noisy. Fortunately, for the Coke Zero 400, they race at night so that minimizes the effect of the hot summer sun but the track is much different than it is in […]

Another Saturday Night Under the Lights At Kentucky

By Rusty Norman / June 28, 2014

***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************     Well, it’s another Saturday night under the lights and this time it’s at Kentucky Speedway. What better way to follow up the road race at Sonoma than with a Saturday night under the lights which is more what stock car racing has always been. I don’t know about you but this […]

The Intensity Is Up For Cup Teams At Sonoma

By Rusty Norman / June 21, 2014

***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************     Well, it’s time to hit a road course in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series and this one should prove to be very interesting no matter how it turns out. A lot of things have changed since the last time the Cup teams visited Sonoma but one thing that has stayed constant […]

NASCAR Cup Teams Take On Michigan

By Rusty Norman / June 14, 2014

***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************     The NASCAR teams will take on the Michigan international Speedway this Sunday afternoon and, as usual, competition and intense speed will be the order of the day. The competition will take place amongst the drivers on the track, in the minds of the crew chiefs and amongst the crews in the […]

Pocono Could Make It or Break It for Someone

By Rusty Norman / June 8, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** There is one thing that is definite for the race Sunday afternoon at Pocono… Someone will win the Pocono 400. Just which one that will be is unknown at the time of this writing but someone will definitely either win their first Cup race of the 2014 season or add to their list […]

Who’ll Be The Monster Tamer

By Rusty Norman / May 31, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** The one-mile high banked oval track at Dover is called the Monster Mile and it came by that nickname honestly. Even though The Monster Mile is a one-mile oval, it seems that the drivers spend most of their time in the turns. The speeds are high and the G forces on the drivers […]

Charlotte’s the Place for NASCAR’s Longest Race

By Rusty Norman / May 24, 2014

***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************   Memorial Day is a day we remember the men and women that made the supreme sacrifice while serving in active military service. It is celebrated in several ways by people across the United States but probably two of the best known ways are the Indianapolis 500 in Indiana and the Coca Cola […]

The Sprint All Star Race At Charlotte

By Rusty Norman / May 17, 2014

***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************     Tonight’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Charlotte Motor Speedway is all about the All Stars. No… wait a minute, that’s not quite true… It’s all about the money. It’s not about the points (because there are none), it’s not about who runs second or worse (because in the end it won’t […]

Back In Kansas

By Rusty Norman / May 10, 2014

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** Yeah, I know this will sound a bit cliché, but contrary to what Dorothy said to Toto, NASCAR is back in Kansas once again but this won’t include a trip to the Land of Oz. However, there may be some gremlins that show up when it comes down to actual race time and […]

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